Help Keep History Alive for our 7th Graders

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Due to cuts in funding, our school has been unable to replace our 7th grade Social Studies textbooks in recent years. Currently 37 students are sharing 30 outdated, torn and marked textbooks. Their resourceful and passionate teacher, Mrs. DeFrancia, has been making do with the old books that are not aligned with the school curriculum, but has pushed for new books that she believes would greatly improve student's learning.

In January, she was awarded the Keeping History Alive grant by Azusa Pacific University, and the Historical Society of Southern California.  The grant is providing funds for 15 copies of a brand new textbook copyrighted in 2009. However, due to the large class size we need your help to buy enough books for each student. Our goal is to raise enough money to purchase 20 - 22 additional textbooks. Any help that you can give would be greatly appreciated.

If you are able, please make a donation to help us achieve our goal of raising enough money to buy the remaining textbooks.

If you can give $11.55 (1% of the total goal), that will put us a step closer to achieving our goal. 

If you can give $23.10 (2% of the total goal) that will bring us 2 steps closer.

If you can give $55, that will pay for one textbook that will be used by our students for the next 5 years.

You can donate by clicking on the donate button, below, or by sending a check to Saint Columbkille School 145 W. 64th St. Los Angeles, CA 90003. In return, if you donate the cost of one book or more, you will receive a letter of thanks from the student who receives the book that you purchased, and a gift label will be put in the front of the book that says "This book was donated by (your name)."

Your donation will making a lasting impact on the education of not only current 7th grade students, but the students who will use these books in the years to come. Thank you for helping to keep History alive at Saint Columbkille.


Thank you for helping us to meet our goal of 21 textbooks for the 7th grade class. Let's keep going and try to raise enough funds for 10 more books!


Thank you for helping Saint Columbkille School to achieve our goal of providing new history textbooks for our 7th Graders.

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